Entry #144

I am Loki.

2013-08-15 18:21:54 by Loki

I am the god of mischief.

I often end up finding myself starting drama that doesn't involve me in any way, or very little.

I feel like I unconsciously scheme just to see reactions and events happen, between two people that aren't me.

I appreciate the reactions that occur from the said events.

I break friendships and bonds.

I manipulate and I control.

I feel no remorse.

I am Loki.


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2013-08-15 21:31:04

Trouble maker!


2013-08-15 23:09:43

Asking the right questions at the wrong time, also elicits a telling response...

Loki responds:

It's quite entertaining, often.

Like that one time, I stopped a guy's chances at a girl by asking him, in front of the said girl, if his wife really worked for the FBI.

That guy is EyeLovePoozy, and he should thank me dearly for that cockblock. I was doing him a favour.


2013-08-15 23:51:16

Were you (doing him a favor?!) Was this at an NG meet? Damn, now I'm all curious and shit....

Loki responds:

At a Montreal meet. Lets say he dodged a bullet.


2013-08-16 07:30:25

Germy bullet, or a drama laden bullet? Seems like you stood in harms way.....
Ah well, thats what NG is about: mitigating BS through a brotherhood of Flash and hot air (BBS)


2013-08-18 00:38:00

Silly namechange is silly.

Loki responds:

you're just jelly


2013-08-22 21:40:33

How do you feel about the Loki from the Marvel movies?

Loki responds:

I think he did a really good portrayal actually. But he takes way too much space in the MCU fandom.

I mean, he's awesome and all but c'mon, girls...


2013-08-29 23:14:36

unban me bich

Loki responds:

I can make it longer too


2013-08-30 02:00:08

come ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon man it was a joke
im black it's totally fair


2013-09-01 05:08:10

you might wanna look into the chat room and what happens when you use Zalgo text in it.
you cant stop posting till its done with all that you have entered. this is why i got banned. i said i was sorry, i didnt know it was gonna doo all that stuff. sorry again.


2013-09-01 05:25:00

Loki not to sound creepy or anything but Im a fan of yours and I swear to god I love what you do

Loki responds:

But, which god?


2013-09-01 05:34:48

so you like the fact that he wrongfully bans people? yep thats creepy. ive been a member since 2009, they need a etter chat-room mod. you dont ban pple and just run away. i tried to tell him what happened......

Loki responds:

How could this happen to meeeee


2013-09-05 04:29:16

I like your profile and nice job with your ranks too.