Entry #147

The Prince and the Nûwi.

2014-03-01 13:46:26 by Loki

The young and brave Prince Vonaz

Lived in a kingdom that once was

During his trips and adventures

He met the most beautiful creature

Hidden in the depths of nature

She was everything good and pure

But her charm was a dangerous lure

Her magnificence impossible to endure

For she could amaze

With a single gaze

She had no interest in the mortal

As she was herself eternal

But the Prince fell under her spell

Unintentionally cast by the belle

He could not accept rejection

And with determination

He captured the Veyanûwi

And brought her back in his country

She was miserable

Away from her forests, barely visible

Through her glass prison

One day after the sun had risen

The whole night she had supplied

But only received chide

The Prince felt guilt reach him deep inside

He let her free, untied, let aside his pride

But it was too late, she had dried

Too many tears she cried, and slowly she died

Her own fate the immortal Veyanûwi  decided


The Prince, now King

Did not have any heirs

And many wars, many years

Ended his kingdom in a fire ring

His sword he put down

Death he welcomed

Never having been able to grant pardon

To himself for having been the warden

And causing the end of the forest lady

The magnificent and  eternal Nûwi


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2014-03-01 17:24:46

...now animate it :D

Loki responds:

I wish >_>


2014-03-01 18:36:35

Yet another familiar story from the old Northern lands. How the devil do you pronounce Veyanûwi, four syllables?

Loki responds:

Veh-ya nou-wee

It means beautiful Immortal.