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Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Is it october 2012 already?

Good game, Marco, and everybody else that worked on it!

Now maybe we can go celebrate with a beer, yes? (You owe me one)

^best review ever^

Evolvo Evolvo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm a shrimp. Literally.


Hungry Gamers Hungry Gamers

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best april fool's joke ever.

Damn you guys... :3

GOON: The Game! GOON: The Game!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I thought it was pretty good.

The people leaving bad reviews probably never played Street Fighter...

Though I wish there were more special moves, throws...

...and taunts... the oh so great useless taunts.

Great art as usual, pox.

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This is the Only Level 3 This is the Only Level 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun as usual!

And I gotta give you HUGE kudos for the LOTR reference! I actually tried Elvish before English... and I was pretty happy to get something out of it!

Great game. Wish there were ELEPHANT ACHIEVEMENTS though :D

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Abobo's Big Adventure Abobo's Big Adventure

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Quite the quality I was expecting.

I asked my best friend to knock me out so hard it would put me in a coma so I can skip all the years of wait to play this game, and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Now go make this into an iPod app, I'll pay 20 bucks for it.

Great mother fucking shit you fucking crazy fucks.

And pox I guess I'll get you a beer for this. OH WAIT YOU DON'T DRINK

Bullet Bill 3 Bullet Bill 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sweet game!

Loved the game, the remixes, and the everything.

Here's the level I made, GOOD LUCK. Use clock or it'll be very hard.

LALA LAND: 5/a23]a26[a24!8a25!8/a23]a26[/a23]a26 [a25!3a24!3/a23]a26[a25na35n/5na15na2 0ta28f/1t8fa22ta28f/3ta24t//a26b4a25b 1a24b1a23b1a22b4/4b2a15b1a37(a31)a36b 4a32b4a33b1a35b1a34b1/a17(a11)a23b1a2 4b1a25b1a37(a31)/6b45b13b14b12b4a33b1 a34b1a35b1/a16b3a15b1a14b1a13b1a12b3/
5b14b13b1a38u1a36i/a18u1a14ia38u1a32i /a18u1a10ia38u1a32i/a18u1a14ia38u1a36 i/a26u3a25u1a24u1a23u1a22u1/a22u1a23u 1a24u1a25u1a36u2/a12u1a13u1a14u1a15u1 a36u3a35u1a34u1a33u1a32u3/a36b1a35b1a 34b2a33b1a32b1/a13b1a15b1a28<a26b1a22 b1a20ta37h/8<2o14o16b13o10ta17ha28<a2 4o1a27*6a22b5a23o5a20t/8<0ta28<a24o1a 20t/7p1p3p5p/a16{a13}a15ka25g/a18<a17 k/5}9{a18k/a17<a26ka37u8a30t/a11ta32t /a11ta37u5a30t/a11ta32t/a11ta30t/7!1a 18!8a11ta32t/a13t/4ta18!3a20t/7!10ta1 6!1a25!1a37(a34!6/6ta25t/5(a13!3a14ta 34(/2!33ta23(a33!3a34ta32h/a24!1a31>a 39(a35!1a36!1a37!1a38!1/a10t/2b43b14b 35b16b4/a16b1a15b1a14b4a13b1a22b2/3b1 5b16b1a23b1a26b3a32b3a34b2/a15b1a32b1 a33b1a36b1/4b37b2a23b1a22b1a25b1a26b1 /2?4a17?1a15?1a14?3a33?1/a11[//a12pa2 4pa36p/a12]a18ta16pa38ta36p/a13]a18ta 16pa38ta36p/a14]a18ta38t/a15]/a3+/a35 <a33>a34~/a13>a16<a33>a36</a13>a16<a3 3>a36<//a10ta26^a30ta36^/6^a10ta16^a2 6^a30ta36^/6^a10ta26[a25ka30t/a15ga28 [a27ga37g/7ga17ma28[a27h/a28[a27ma37m /7ma17ma28[a27ma37m/7ma28[/a28[a26f/6 fa26[a24f/4fa24[a22f/2f/////5d4d3da16 da12da26da22da35da34da33d/a16da15da14 da13da12da24da35da33d/6d2da26da25da24 da23da22da34d/4da16da15da14da12da13da 36da35da33da34da32d/2d4d6da12da14da16 da22da26d/5d6d4d3d2da14da12da25da24da 22da36da33d/a16da15da14da12da13da26da 24da22da36da34da32d/6d2da25da24da23da 22da36d/4d5da16da22da23da24da25d/6d5d 4d3d2da12da14da16da22da24da26da32da36 d/a16da15da14da13da12da22da26da32da34 da36d/2d4d5d6da25da24da23da36da32d/6d 2da15da14da13da32da33da34da35da37d/a1 2]a16[a25y//a10<a30</a10<a30</a10<a30 </a10</a14}a15{/5{4}a34}a35{//a15*1a1 4*1a13*1a12*1a11*1a10*1a16*1a17*1a18*
1a19*1a38pa36pa34pa32p/1p3p5p7p9pa18p a16pa14pa12pa21pa23pa25pa27pa29pa38pa 36pa34pa32p

Lab of the Dead Lab of the Dead

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hi I'm Evil-Dog

And I make good games.

Even though this might be a bit hard to play for the average NGer with a very short attention span.

I intend to buy it on my iPod when Steve Jobs is done being gay and having HIV.

Evil-Dog responds:

You're so innapropriate Etienne...I'll have to smack you

Poltergifts Poltergifts

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Needs more dragons.

Yes, it really does.

Evil-Dog responds:

Hmm...yeah! :D

Road of the Dead Road of the Dead

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I mean it's the shit. Played it for hours already.

Greeeeeeeat game. Needs more medals though. I'm totally serious.


Evil-Dog responds:

haha when do we get a beer EH? (canadian style)