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NG Montreal Meet-Up 2008!

2008-03-01 09:06:34 by Loki

If you haven't heard of it, go check this thread!

Basically once again Poxpower, Luis and I pushed together so another Meeting of the Montreal Newgrounds fans / regulars / mods happens once again.

Well this time, people are coming from all around America... from California to Halifax, over 20 people are going to show up. If you're interested it's not too late! Go post something in this thread... as long you're serious and are willing to pay your Bus ticket / Plane / Gas... ;)

March 21st,

going to be fun indeed!


2007-07-17 17:03:17 by Loki

This is fun. First poster gets a surprise.

Kyle got his surprise, as he got the first post => Pickle surprise!


In other news, I will start posting short stories in my profile now on. Check my profile time by time and check out my new stuff!

I really enjoy this new feature and cannot wait to see what else I haven't found out yet ;)

If you want naked Troll pictures... just PM me ;]