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I'm Timmy except

2013-06-17 23:41:05 by Loki


I'm Timmy except

Here's a story from North America

2013-06-17 12:27:03 by Loki

I know it's old. But whatever, it's still awesome.

And I felt like updating my newspost.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

2013-05-31 17:32:16 by Loki

Pico day was awesome

2013-04-28 23:19:48 by Loki

As usual...

Was great seeing you all again, and meeting a bunch of new people!

Also Stamper touched my butt :(

pic, left to right: zeebarf, krinkels, luis, me

Pico Day in a week

2013-04-21 15:50:33 by Loki

Going to Philly next weekend for Pico Day...

See you there?

Twin Peaks

2013-01-13 21:55:18 by Loki

I would recommend this short TV show to everybody, but man, was I disappointed by the ending.

Still, the concept of the Black Lodge was awesome, and I give all the praise David Lynch deserves for this out of the ordinary show.

Perhaps I was disappointed because I was expecting a "normal" ending to an "abnormal" show.

If you have Netflix, GO WATCH IT.

Twin Peaks

9 years on Newgrounds...

2012-10-19 16:50:30 by Loki

Well, yesterday was the date of my NG sign-up, which was 9 years ago.

I guess that's a pretty damn long time, when I think about it... Thinking of all the awesome things I've seen and lived on this website makes me proud and happy I'm still around!

On this note, go like this Facebook page!

It's the page for our no-so-super-secret-anymore project with Evil-Dog!


New interactive novel!

2012-09-06 20:21:05 by Loki

I'm working on many projects, and one of the most recent ones is an interactive novel mobile application concocted by the awesome Evil-Dog...

If you enjoy sadistically satiric tales, you should enjoy my story!

Stay tuned, for this is going to be grandiose... and make sure you have your iPhone / iPod / Android ready!

I'm still working on my first novel, which I still haven't finished correcting yet. The writing is done, and I can't wait to start writing the sequel. Hopefully I'll get edited in 2013 :)

Correcting and re-writing can be a pain, though -.-

The Prince and the Nuwi

2012-04-10 17:06:24 by Loki

The young and brave Prince Vonaz
Lived in a kingdom that once was
During his trips and adventures
He met the most beautiful creature
Hidden in the depths of nature
She was everything good and pure
But her charm was a dangerous lure
Her magnificence impossible to endure
For any man she could amaze
With a single of her gaze
She had no interest in the mortal
As she was herself eternal
But the Prince fell under her spell
Unintentionally cast by the belle
He could not accept rejection
And with determination
He captured the Veyanuwi
And brought her back in his country
She was miserable
Away from her forests, barely visible
Through her glass prison
One day after the sun had risen
The whole night she had supplied
But only received chide
The Prince felt guilt reach him deep inside
He let her free, untied, let aside his pride
But it was too late, she had dried
Too many tears she cried, and slowly she died
Her own fate the immortal Veyanuwi decided

The Prince, now King
Did not have any heirs
And many wars, many years
Ended his kingdom in a fire ring
His sword he put down
Death he welcomed
Never having been able to grant pardon
To himself for having been the warden
And causing the end of the forest lady
The magnificent and eternal Nuwi

Awesome crest by Housemates

The Prince and the Nuwi

Mini art contest!

2012-04-02 01:40:28 by Loki

I need YOUR help designing this crest!

Thanks! On a side-note, MONTREAL MEET UP JUNE 8-10, COME IN GREAT NUMBERS! 18+ though.

Mini art contest!