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De name is Gambit.

2012-03-11 00:10:16 by Loki

Remember it.

Mon ami.

Programmer wanted for an epic GAME

2012-02-08 20:35:15 by Loki

Evil-Dog, poxpower and I have had an work project on our mind of soon two years... but we've had trouble having a stable programmer for this huge ass project!

The project is some kind of... apocalypse simulation.

Basically, the map editor is done, the art and graphics are done, and the ideas are all on the table. We just need a programmer to... do the all of the gameplay mechanisms, physics and additional programming. Nothing too big, right? :)

Here's the sweet art, by poxpower.
> http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/ec496dc84011 b1039f7f7f9540eb4dcc

PM me if you're serious and interested, or leave a message. I'll give you more information!

Programmer wanted for an epic GAME

Guess I had to...

2012-02-07 22:19:16 by Loki

Make a new newspost for a new redesign.

It's pretty tight so far, though I wish they kept the stats on the profile.

Other than that, I love the new RECENT NOTIFICATION feature! Great way to find out if your favorite artists made something new!

Can't wait for the new incoming features!

I'll write up something for the lit portal, whenever that's out.


2012-01-04 16:51:16 by Loki

How do we kill them?


Quotes from my books...

2011-12-12 23:19:17 by Loki

If something's impossible, it's because it should be.
- Paulus Electi, 328 A.D.

Nothing can't be invented.
-Clara Inventia, 76 B.C.

Life is death.
-Tre Xiufen, 1908 A.D.

Only those closest to you can truly hurt you.
-Lydia Swan, 1498 A.D.

Everybody has power. Some of us just use it more efficiently.
-Catherine Swan, 1975 A.D.

Nothing is perfect until you've destroyed it and recreated it as many times as you can.
-Heimmlich Dietelbeger, 10,000 A.C.

There's nothing more valuable on this world than freedom.
-Bryan J. Vach, 2002 A.D.

Men are not worth this world.
-Jadis Clark, 2002 A.D.

Tell me now, what do you think? Which quotation do you prefer?

Not loving life.

2011-12-08 02:17:37 by Loki

Hating life actually.

But hey, a door closes, another one opens.

And to quote Tre Xiufen, Life is Death.

Moving to California in 10 days...

2011-11-27 23:45:51 by Loki

And I'm still scared of the plane!

Damn you planes! WHY MUST YOU BE SO SCARY!

Moving to California in 10 days...

Moving to California in 20 days...

2011-11-17 20:36:07 by Loki

OMG It's getting close!


Moving to California in 20 days...

Die Antwoord

2011-11-09 22:46:42 by Loki

Still a funny group of folk. I just found out about this song.

Anyways, less than 30 days 'till I move to California, ho!

8th NG Account anniversary

2011-10-19 17:23:45 by Loki

Yeah it was yesterday. Every year I forget. Hopefully I wont forget for the 10th anniversary D:

Honestly, not much has changed in the 8 years that I spent on the BBS.

For the 10+ years that I've spent on the website though... it's become more and more awesome every year! Now if that lazy Bahamut could finish the Flash Icons so we can get the redesign rolling...

Tom you're awesome!