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Incoming game 2012

2011-10-10 11:14:25 by Loki

Here's another screenshot. Hard to do something detailed at the moment as the prog. still hasn't put all the doodads into the Map Editor... but it's coming!

Incoming game 2012

Eh, it was my only black shirt that wasn't offensive... I'm sorry.

Here's a design for the game I'm working on with poxpower.

Do you think it's too offensive to put this in a game where the goal is to destroy planet Earth?

Just went to a funerals with a NG shirt.

I'll keep you guys updated as it progresses.

New game coming soonish on NG / Ipod


2011-09-06 19:33:12 by Loki


2011-09-03 19:03:14 by Loki

nuff said

I'm moving in USA

2011-07-11 22:39:41 by Loki

In December.

Sacramento, California.


Here's a cool picture.

I'm moving in USA

Quite absent from NG

2011-06-24 14:41:20 by Loki

Hey, I'm just leaving a post to say I won't be around much for the next year.

Gotta focus on writing, which is pretty much my full-time job. I need to get rid of a few distractions and NG is one. I have two novels in the works and two more to go, and I really need to get my ass moving on that. Been working on them for a good 3 years now.

On a cool note, I'm going back to University, in French redaction.

Here's a picture of me with a bunch of NG users at the last Meet-Up. I'm in the middle with the girly drink that tasted like pepto-bismol.

Pico Day 2011 - Another great year!

2011-05-01 22:31:15 by Loki

Hey everybody!

I just got back home from Glenside, PA, aka from the Newgrounds Office, where I was with about 50+ other people for the annual Tank Awards and Pico Day event! It was very awesome as usual, especially getting to meet a ton of new people like the almost too talented Jazza and one of my personal favorite Flash animators, Zombie-Pimp.

Overall the week-end was great. Thankfully it wasn't hot as last year, and everyone had some really good times. Except for that one time when the Philly Flyers lost against Boston...

So this year again, a giant thanks for Tom for making all this possible, shout out to Bob for being such a great waiter, and Tim for the grill skills.

Oh and obviously everyone else who made all this possible, like all the NG staff. Hoping to see some of you guys again at the Montreal meet in June!

Sorry again Rob for that camera prank btw, blame Swain.

Noticable events of the Meet:

Having Oney and Egoraptor watch random great Flash movies on the Portal while waiting for Pico Day submissions... Seeing the Staff's reaction to that Portal Hoppin' flash, and especially Mindchamber's appreciation of Warriors of the Portal.

Aaaanyways before you go TL;DR, I uploaded the pictures I took on Facebook. Get to taggin' folk! Here's one of myself (left), Zombie-Pimp (middle) and Jazza, at the scene of the Tank Awards, in the NG event room.

@ the ng office

2011-04-29 22:30:51 by Loki

With Tom and stuff, tank awards tmr gl to the nomineees

Montreal out of the playoffs

2011-04-27 23:34:05 by Loki

Oh well, see you next year. Team's now pretty solid with great recruits all over the place, and a ton of wounded players that'll be back next season.

And I guess I'll take for Philly Flyers now, since they're against Boston.

Also I'll be in Philly Friday for the Tank Awards, should be lots of fun!

Montreal out of the playoffs