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NHL Playoffs...

2011-04-11 09:43:32 by Loki

You can feel them commin'!

The next weeks are going to be good weeks!

Thanks to that country music lover Carey Price.

NHL Playoffs...

Wakin' up in the mornin'

2011-03-18 17:45:36 by Loki

feelin' like Free Willy

Wakin' up in the mornin'

Extra money in my pockets...

2011-03-10 20:09:16 by Loki

Should I...

An Ipod Touch 32GB (I don't have a MP3 player)
Fix my computer? (It's so broken I can't watch flash movies or youtube movies or play any games with it)
Spend more money on beer?
Buy Druide Antidote software?
Give all my money to my girlfriend so she can buy nice clothes in California?
Keep my money safe in the bank?

What should I do!

Extra money in my pockets...

Just enrolled back to College.

2011-02-27 22:00:30 by Loki

For Autumn.

Can't wait.

Until then, I'll make good use of all my free time... with such as going out and drinking.

I'll be studying in French Redaction or French-English traduction.

So. Writing.

2011-02-13 20:02:47 by Loki

Writing writing writing.

Tons of stuff, notes.

Dictionary, yep yep.

Fun things to come. Currently going back to college.

2010 overview...

2011-01-26 20:50:56 by Loki

Well I can easily say that 2010 was the best year of my life.

I learned how to hustle, did some hustling, made some money, then quit, and lived my life pretty well for the four following months with my earnings.

I spent 4 months relaxing, doing nothing, playing video games, etc.

In April, I met some people I thought I would never ever meet: a ton of Newgrounds Celebrities and Staff members, such as Tom, Wade, JohnnyUtah, Stamper, Krinkels, The-Swain, etc., shared tons of beers with them, chilled at the NG office, etc. It was such a great experience meeting such great people, and I'm hoping on going to see them this year again for Pico Day 2011.

Then in May I met my girlfriend, who I've been in love ever since.

In June there was again another awesome NG Meet-up in Montreal.

In July I went to spend a week with my girlfriend in California.

In October was another sweet NG Meet, this time in Toronto.

In November I finally got rid of a big piece of stress.

In December I moved to a new cozy apartment, alone.

In December my girlfriend moved in with me.

And I had the greatest holidays of all times with the best gift I could wish for :)

So, you had a nice year? I think it'll take a while to top off 2010 for me ;P


Just bought a Wii

2011-01-02 15:28:23 by Loki

Girlfriend's installing it right now...

I wanna play donkey kong.

/* */

Just a few more...

2010-12-07 19:23:13 by Loki

... and my girlfriend's moving in with me, in my new apartment :)
~(MY apartment :D)
Also, I'm getting the internet Thursday so yeah I'll post pics of my new place and stuff, somewhere.

She's arriving on Saturday
~(or when i feel like it :P)
around 12:30am. I hope she wont freak out too much when she sees all the snow, being from California and all :)
~(I've seen snow before thank you very much! I go up to a cabin with tons of snow all the time!)

Yeah. Wish us luck. It's going to be the first time I'm in apartment in a couple :)
~(wish him luck. he's got a LOT to learn. :P)

Dr Dre

2010-11-27 15:44:33 by Loki

I just hope this ain't bullshit this time. Every year I've been waiting for the past 11 years, for the prophecy to come true.

The foretold DETOX, will it one day see the light?

Listen to this new Dr. Dre song ft Eminem.

Also I'm moving Tuesday, I won't have internet for at least the next 2 weeks.