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Moving. At last.

2010-11-20 12:43:18 by Loki

So the other day I found a sweet apartment and I'm moving in two weeks, for December 1st, with LaniLethal (she's moving in with me on December 10th, I'm quite excited about it).

So yeah. Be excited with me or DIE.

Oh hello.

2010-11-16 01:42:51 by Loki

We interrupt your normal broadcast for a special news alert from Lani:

Meow. :3

NG account 7th year birthday...

2010-10-23 19:57:44 by Loki

I missed it again, for like the 3rd year in a row.

Oh well.

Happy NG belated Birthday to me :D

The Silmarillion

2010-09-07 01:09:27 by Loki

I just finished reading it last week and... it's quite awesome. Now I want to get back into writing fantasy novels.

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Who else has read and very appreciated this novel? I mean, it's much better than Lord of the Rings. They should definitely make a ton of movies about it.

The Silmarillion

Contest: Free $50 FOOD card

2010-08-26 19:11:38 by Loki


Hey, my girlfriend got this $50 restaurant gift card and she doesn't want it. So she asked me to host a contest and have the winner get the $50 gift card mailed to them. Basically to participate to this contest, just post a comment and the winner will be randomly selected whenever I feel like it. Here's a few rules though:
-The Gift Card is only valid in the United States of America. Sorry.
-Comment only ONCE.

The $50 gift card is for the following restaurants:
-Red Lobster
-Olive Garden
-Longhorn Steakhouse
-Seasons 52
-The Capital Grille
-Bahama Breeze Island Grill

So... if you like these restaurants, or food in general, post away! Here's a picture of some food to put you in the mood. yum.

Contest: Free $50 FOOD card

Guess who's back

2010-08-15 02:25:43 by Loki

Back again,

Got internet back

2010-08-01 03:02:55 by Loki

So here's some music and a sexy picture.

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2010-07-19 02:23:56 by Loki

Go watch it. It's very rare you're going to hear me not complain about a post-2000 movie, but this is some serious quality stuff. Everyone with a brain, imagination and thinking should go see it.

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Also obligatory hot picture:

New song.

2010-07-10 16:25:26 by Loki

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /346677

Go listen to it.

Lani is hot

2010-07-09 23:43:14 by Loki

That is all.