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Salo - The 120 Days of Sodom

2010-05-29 19:26:42 by Loki

http://www.divxlink.com/epojpl9wx0cq/T he120DaysOfSodom.QSS.avi.html

Let's all watch this great movie.

P.S.: Might scar you for life if you're under 15.

Montreal Meet-Up and other news.

2010-05-13 17:59:52 by Loki

Hey, in case you haven't noticed and were planning on coming, the 2010 Montreal Meet-Up is almost there!

There's going to be a SHIT TON of people this year. Like... too many people. But hell, we'll work it out I guess. The official guest list is somewhere in the thread... or on the Hub page Luis made.

If you are 100% sure you are coming and your name doesn't show on any list, send me a PM!

Anyways, Pico Day in Philly was a blast, and JohnnyUtah kicked my ass at SSF4, but I beat MindChamber twice! I guess he was kinda tipsy... but whatever! Didn't get to play Mike or Stamper though... but I doubt I stand a chance anyways.

Also I'm getting married. See link below.

Meanwhile, here's some melancholic music.

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Montreal Meet-up Official Hub Page.
Montreal Meet-up Official Thread
Link to the sexy.

The-Swain and Tomamoto

2010-05-05 16:33:18 by Loki

Facebook Albums (200 photos)

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The-Swain and Tomamoto

Pico Day Meet.

2010-05-03 11:23:04 by Loki

Was awesome.

Pics or it didn't happen.

Dem G's Representing Philly

in the NG office right now

2010-04-30 14:14:31 by Loki

lol hi

If this newspost reaches 50 comments...

2010-04-07 16:49:21 by Loki

...before the 19th of April, I will change my aura to Fab...


Spam comments will be deleted.

You fabbots won.

Blame PsychoGoldfish

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Should I go FAB?

2010-04-03 01:24:18 by Loki

I just think my level icon looks better as FAB.

But FAB is GAY.

So... I'll let you decide.

Should I go FAB?

Snakes digg chicks!

2010-04-01 07:53:02 by Loki

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Look what I just got in the mail!

2010-03-30 12:02:05 by Loki

No I'm not a Nazi. But their outfits were fucking awesome.


Now the big question is... should I put those pins on my hat? (See profile picture for reference)

Tip to all NG users!

2010-03-29 01:02:25 by Loki

And I'm very serious:

Don't get drunk and post on the NG BBS.

It can have serious repercussions!

And here is two Meets I will be Attending in the next months to come!

Baltimore Meet

Montreal Meet

See you there?